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Infrared Advantages 

Unlike other forms of heating that use significant amounts of energy to heat the entire cubic volume of a building, infrared heat allows you to concentrate the heat directly towards the animals themselves. 

You will benefit from lower fuel costs without sacrificing animal comfort. In fact, beneath the "cone of infrared", your animals can find their own individual comfort zones resulting from the heating patterns projected by the heaters. With no moving parts, the simple straight forward design of GASOLEC Infrared Heaters results in low maintenance and easy service. The advantages of GASOLEC infrared heaters clearly make them the preferred choice in the animal confinement industry. 
These readings are based on values taken by a Raytek infrared thermometer. Readings were taken from multiple broiler and turkey barns, on dry litter consisting of wood shavings. Barns were preheated for 48 hours before the arrival of birds and the taking of temperatures. (Preheating is a common practice, and strongly recommended by GASOLEC UK.) The temperatures were recorded then averaged to give a highly accurate profile of the heating pattern emitted by GASOLEC M-8 Infrared Heaters. In all cases the heater was suspended 4.5 ft. (1.37 m.) above the litter at an angle of 15 degrees
You will benefit from lower fuel cost without sacrificing animal comfort 
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