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Game Birds 

Game birds require heat as soon as the egg has hatched and the chick leaves the incubator. Gasolec Infrared LPG gas brooders are portable and able to supply efficient, cost effective radiant heat directly downwards keeping the day old chicks at the right temperature and the litter warm and dry. Adjustable regulators allow the conscientious gamekeeper to get the correct heat for his birds to grow, feather and harden off despite weather conditions. 

Gasolec S2 

1500 to 3000 BTU. Economic to run, ideal for small broods of  
Chicken, Pheasant, Partridge, etc. 

Gasolec S4 

3000 to 6000 BTU. The brooder of choice for the majority of the UK’s Game Rearers. In an 8ft × 8ft brooder house with a S4 (under normal conditions) broods of up to 500 pheasant can be reared using only two 47 kg cylinders of Propane gas. This brooder can be fitted with a thermostatic control. 

Gasolec S8 

6000 to 12000 BTU. This is the brooder for large batches in the new larger size brooder houses. It will cover up to 1000 pheasants in the right conditions and when fitted with a thermostatic control will give the right temperature to brood the birds correctly. 

Gasolec Game 5 

2500 to 10000 BTU. This is the brooder for extreme conditions and with its large temperature range it will give enough heat during cold spring weather. Game 5 comes with a heavy duty air filter for the extra dust that partridges can produce. Game 5 can be fitted with a thermostat. 

Gasolec Game 8 

4500 to 17500 BTU. This is the most cost effective way of brooding large quantities of game birds and can also be fitted with a thermostat. 
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