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G12-Infra red 

Our design team has been hard at work preparing the G12 infrared heater for it's debut at this years International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta. More than 2 years can be attributed to the evolution of the G12. The success of our M and S type heaters has played a dramatic role in the design of the G12. 
After listening to our customers needs and wants, we set a goal to design a 42,000 Btu infrared radiant heater that projects a larger heat pattern with minimal use of fuel and maintains the simplistic design GASOLEC UK is known for. With the introduction of the G12 heater, our goal has been achieved. 
Equipped with various ignition systems 
Available for various gas types and pressures 
Simplicity of the design 
Easily cleaned and serviced. 
User friendly lighting hole 
A uniquely designed pilot flame guard keeps the pilot flame lit even in tunnel ventilation barns or when outside curtains are raised. 
Reflector shape designed to spread the heat outwards rather than focussing directly beneath the heater 
A safety plate mounted to the bottom of the G12 catches any particles falling from the heater 
Compact design 
Available with a standard stainless steel or heavy duty air filter 
Fresh air enters the burner from 3 different intakes, resulting in clean burning and low emissions. 
Equipped with hanging chain for easy installations 

The Reflector 

The unique reflector design allows the G12 infrared heater to spread it's heat over a 900 sq. ft. pattern, while limiting the heat directly beneath the heater. 

Infrared Heater Specifications 

Capacity 42,000 Btu 
Distance to combustible materials: 39 in. (1 mtr.) 
Hanging Height: 66 in. (1.68 mtr.) 
Heat pattern: 900 sq. ft. 

The Burner 

The burner surface of the G12 is substantially larger than the surface of other manufactures similar units. Only 10% of the burner surface has been opened, leaving 90% of the surface intact for maximum infrared benefits. The angle of the burner has been calculated to give a greater diameter heating pattern with an even transition of temperatures. 
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